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extern int squawk;
extern int clean;
extern char *file;
extern int verbose;
extern long ninput, noutput, nrunes, nerrors;

enum { From = 1, Table = 2, Func = 4 };

typedef void (*Fnptr)(void);
struct convert{
      char *name;
      char *chatter;
      int flags;
      void *data;
      Fnptr fn;
extern struct convert convert[];
struct convert *conv(char *, int);
typedef void (*Infn)(int, long *, struct convert *);
typedef void (*Outfn)(Rune *, int, long *);
void outtable(Rune *, int, long *);

void utf_in(int, long *, struct convert *);
void utf_out(Rune *, int, long *);
void isoutf_in(int, long *, struct convert *);
void isoutf_out(Rune *, int, long *);

#define           N           10000       /* just blocking */
#define     OUT(out, r, n)    if(out->flags&Table) outtable(r, n, (long *)out->data);\
                  else ((Outfn)(out->fn))(r, n, (long *)0)

extern Rune runes[N];
extern char obuf[UTFmax*N];   /* maximum bloat from N runes */

#define           BADMAP            (0xFFFD)
#define           BYTEBADMAP  ('?')       /* badmap but has to fit in a byte */
#define           ESC         033

#ifdef      PLAN9
#define     EPR         fprint(2,
#define     EXIT(n,s)   exits(s)
#define     EPR         fprintf(stderr,
#define     USED(x)           /* in plan 9, USED(x) tells the compiler to treat x as used */
#define     EXIT(n,s)   exit(n)

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